Our network of Factory Authorized Servicers are factory trained and performance audited, with locations in over 130 countries to meet your warranty and lifetime service, installation, start up and planned maintenance needs. With genuine OEM parts certified for heavy-duty use, they keep your equipment running in the most demanding kitchens.

Install and Start Up

Work with our service network to set up your install and equipment orientation.  This ensures that your equipment is ready to take on the challenges of your operation from the very first day.

Global Parts Inventory

Our parts warehouse has replacement parts on-hand and ready to ship when they are needed, should your FAS not have the part on-hand. One facility means your part is located, packaged, and ready to ship within hours of order placement, putting it in your Factory Authorized Servicers’ hands quickly.

Certified OEM Parts

Our Factory Authorized Servicers use ONLY Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts when servicing your equipment. This means that replacement parts are the ones designed specifically for your Welbilt equipment, ensuring warranties remain intact and your equipment functions properly when the replacement part is installed.

Planned Maintenance

Keep your equipment running at peak performance throughout its lifecycle while managing your budgets and schedules. Our PM programs are customizable and help eliminate those surprise interruptions. You work with your Factory Authorized Servicer to set a PM program, recommended maintenance schedule, and budget, based on equipment you would like covered. They do the rest – from scheduling appointments, to monthly, quarterly, or annual billing.

Performance Audited

Our KitchenCare service providers are required to be up-to-date on all equipment training. We know hands-on is the best way to train, so KitchenCare offers over 600 training sessions per year at over 400 locations.


Convotherm Software Updates

We are pleased to provide you the latest software updates of the Convotherm range.

Please just agree our terms and conditions of licence and use for using the software.

I noticed the terms and conditions of licence and agree

Please note:

The particular software update for Convotherm 4 gas units has to be done by an authorised service partner (there are adjustment steps necessary).

Please ensure that only software which is suitable for the unit series is installed on your Convotherm unit. This software cannot be used for other unit types from the range. If this is disregarded, no liability will be assumed for malfunctions.

Convotherm Service manuals

This section is available for authorized service partner only.

Some files are protected with a password. If you need the password please get in contact with our After Sales Service:

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